Friday, June 6, 2008

April MWR Highlights

In the April issue of MWR, I would like to highlight the following two papers.

Climatology of Tropical Cyclogenesis in the North Atlantic (1948–2004) by Ron McTaggart-Cowan, Glenn D. Deane, Lance F. Bosart, Christopher A. Davis, and Thomas J. Galarneau Jr.

This paper presents a climatology of tropical cyclones showing that baroclinic effects (not the latent heat release) are important during 60% of tropical cyclogenesis events.

High-Resolution Observations and Model Simulations of the Life Cycle of an Intense Mesoscale Snowband over the Northeastern United States by David R. Novak, Brian A. Colle, and Sandra E. Yuter

The Novak et al. paper is especially noteworthy because they created dual-Doppler analyses from the operational WSR-88D network for the first time.


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