Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Highlights in the September issue of MWR

There are lots of papers on tropical meteorology in this month's issue.

Papers of note:

Sasaki’s Pivotal Contribution: Calculus of Variations Applied to Weather Map Analysis--John Lewis and S. Lakshmivarahan

The Impact of Analysis Error on Medium-Range Weather Forecasts--Kyle L. Swanson and Paul J. Roebber

Synoptic Control of Mesoscale Precipitating Systems in the Pacific Northwest--Paul J. Roebber, Kyle L. Swanson, and Jugal K. Ghorai

Vortex Lines within Low-Level Mesocyclones Obtained from Pseudo-Dual-Doppler Radar Observations--Paul Markowski, Erik Rasmussen, Jerry Straka, Robert Davies-Jones, Yvette Richardson, and Robert J. Trapp

Climatology of High Wind Events in the Owens Valley, California--Shiyuan Zhong, Ju Li, C. David Whiteman, Xindi Bian, and Wenqing Yao


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